All You Need To Know About Angiogram

What is Angiogram

An angiogram is one such process and Which shows blood vessels in your body.

This is a tube (called a urinary catheter) inserted into the upper end or vein of your hand then it is taken to the parts to be checked. Through this catheter, the dye is released through the dye. Through this process blood flow is checked in your body.

All You Need To Know About Angiogram.

An angiogram is also called peripheral or balloon angioplasty if you feel that your blood vessels are narrowed, then angioplasty can be done with your angiogram test.

Please arrive on time for testing and After testing, the procedure has to wait for about four hours. Therefore, according to that plan, you came out for planning.

Preparation for investigation

  1. Before this test, you asked your doctor about medicines. Other tests you need. Ask about them too.
  2. Before check – Do not eat after midnight.
  3. You asked the doctor if you can take medicines on the first day of the test and on the morning of the test? If yes, take medicine only with water.
  4. If you are allergic to dye or iodine, shellfish, or latex. Tell your doctor.
  5. If you are pregnant or think that you may be pregnant, you should tell the doctor.

During an angiogram test

  1. You have the power to wear a hearing machine, teeth, and glasses. But you have to remove the jewelry and watch. Leave your valuables at home.
  2. You must wear a hospital gown.
  3. An I.V (intravenous vein) is injected into your arm. Medicines and fluids are given to give you rest through your I.V.
  4. Turn off your room lights. You will feel cold in the room. You will wake up so that you can tell the employees how you are feeling.
  5. A small pad will be placed on your chest to check your heart. A man’s chest hair may need to be cut.
  6. A blood pressure cuff will be placed on your hands. So that your blood pressure and heart rate can be checked properly.
  7. Your urumul or catheter on your hand will be cleaned. Urumool hair can be cut if required.
  8. The doctor numbs the place of the catheter. This will make you feel sore for a few seconds. After that, you just feel pressure but no pain. If you feel pain during the test, then tell the employees. The catheter is inserted into a large blood vessel. Then taken to the test section.

After angiography examination

  1. You will be taken to another bed. You will rest for about four hours.
  2. Keep the arm or leg straight so that the catheter is placed in the leg or arm so that the blood does not grow.
  3. Placement of drainage, your pulse, and blood pressure will be checked several times.
  4. If the catheter is swollen and is growing in place of blood or if there is pain in the hands, feet, numbness, or tintinite, immediately tell the nurse.
  5. You can take food and water.
  6. Driving or going alone can be dangerous for you. You will need a friend or adult family member to go home.
  7. The quantity of the investigation will be sent to your doctor, who will tell you about it.
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Caution at home after angiogram surgery

  1. the rest for 24 hours at home.
  2. You will not go to the roof.
  3. You will drink two liters of water to get the dye out of your kidneys.
  4. Make yourself your normal meal.
  5. Remove the pressure bandage at bedtime and put a clean bandage.
  6. The catheter will keep dry. Do not allow water. You will not take a bath.
  7. Take care of brewing and swelling.

If you feel any of the following things, please call the doctor immediately.

  1. Blood does not stop from the place of the catheter.
  2. At this place, something is flowing or experiences heat.
  3. Feeling of coldness or paleness in the hands or feet.
  4. Movement of hands or toes – there is a problem in moving.
  5. You may experience severe pain or pain at this place.
  6. Fever or cold.
  7. Feel numbness or weakness.
  8. Feeling nervous or uneasy.

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