BACK HEALTH  Tips:-Your back lowers all the time, even when you are asleep. With the passage

Back Health And Safety

of time, back problems can arise due to incorrect sitting, wrong activities, and not exercising. You can avoid most back problems if you use your back properly and exercise safely.

Your back

Your back is made up of many types of bones, discs, muscles, ligaments, and nerves.

  • There are 24 bones called vertebra in the spine and a big bones called sacrum or tailbone. 3 curves are formed from these bones.
  • There is a cushion-like disc above each vertebra. Exercising regularly helps to keep this disc healthy.
  • The back, abdomen supports the back of the buttocks and thigh muscles. If these muscles are weak, stretched, or stretched, you may have problems with your back.
  • The ligament is a strong elastic group, which holds the bones together. Repeated pressure on the ligaments can cause damage.
  • The nerves coming from the spine indicate to the muscles when to do the activity and there may be a pain due to problems there.

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How to keep your back healthy

While standing:-

Please use these back health tips for your health. if you want to keep healthy.

Look in front of you and keep your ears in line with your shoulders. Have your buttocks and knees straight. There is a curve in your lower back, but not too much curvature. Limit walking at the waist. Rotate your body with your money.

While sitting

Keep your buttocks, knees, and ankles at a 90-degree angle. Sit upright on the chair. Do not sit down. If you need support for the lower curve of your spine, use pillows and rounded towels.

While lying

Not hard, but hard surface gives good support to the curves of the spine. Sleeping on your side by placing a pillow between your knees is a great position for your back. If you lie on your back, place a pillow under your neck and a pillow under your arm. If you sleep on your stomach, place a thin pillow under your stomach and fold the legs on one side.

While picking up

Keep your back straight while bending over and lifting your luggage. Use your leg and butt muscles for lifting. Bend the knees and not the back, and bend while lifting the object. Straighten your legs and do not rotate as we stand.


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