Five ways of yoga to reduce your obesity

Yoga has a tremendous following for realizing religious knowledge. But do you know that yoga can also be a terrible physical train? Experts say that the physical aspect of hatha yoga or yoga involves special physical postures or alignment workouts that help a person realize the physical health necessary to realize religious knowledge. Although yoga works on all body components, it is especially useful in reducing body fat and combating weight problems. As everyone knows that weight problems are without a doubt one of the most distinctive points that individuals nowadays specialize in. Due to stagnation of life and unhealthy weight loss program, people are turning to fat and are affected by a serious form of the physical illness called weight

We tell you 5 such yoga asanas that can enable you to fight obesity.

Boats – As the title suggests, naukasana or boat pose lets you regain abdominal fat, tone abdominal muscle tissue, and reinforce your deficiency.

Step – Lie down in yourself again. Keep your palms together with your physique. Take a few deep breaths. Now slowly close your body, chest, legs, and hands to the ground, while taking a deep breath. Continue this place for a few seconds or until you are able to. There is actually a feeling of stretch in your chest, abdomen, and again muscle tissue. Slowly return to the traditional place. When exhaling, loosen the posture and be available again in a unique location. Now you repeat this asana at least 3 times.

Pawanmuktasan – This posture can be very helpful for burning fat in your thighs, hips, and abdominal area.

Step – Lie down in yourself again. Now slowly move your feet up and round your palms to your knees. In this place, move your feet to the body. Hold this place for a few seconds. Launch the pose slowly and land your head on the ground. After finished, straighten your legs and loosen up.

To pay – It can also be called Cobra pose. This pose is especially useful in strengthening and stretching your arms, shoulders, buttocks, thighs, back, and abdomen. Bhajangasana is a great asana for reducing belly fat. If practiced repeatedly, this posture can also help you to feel a flat stomach.

Step – Lie on your stomach on the ground. You place your palms on the ground towards the shoulder. Flatten your body in and out till the navel. Hold this pose for several seconds and slowly return to a unique position. Repeat the asana thrice.

Western Posture – It can be considered a great pose for combating abdominal fat. This posture helps to reduce abdominal fat and strengthen your abdominal space, pelvic area, thighs, hips, shoulders.

Step – Sit on a flat floor, and spread your legs, and straighten your feet within the entrance. Keep breathing and take your arms above your head. Now exhale and tilt your body forward and try to make contact with your forehead with your knees. Continue this pose for a few seconds and usually stop breathing. Keep breathing and slowly try again in your traditional place. Repeat the asana twice.

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