How can women avoid cancer| Breast cancer

The Cancer Society of America recommends cancer screening pointers for all adults. Before these symptoms of cancer have appeared, screening checks area unit accustomed to diagnose cancer. To know regarding the cancer screening pointers, and the way avoids the danger of cancer, you ought to grasp our details.


girls ought to be screened for carcinoma referred to as magogram (thoracic X-ray) at 40-44- years. girls ought to have an associate annual program for 45-54 years. girls will be finished gograms once each 2 years, or once a year, by adding fifty-five years within the year fifty-five and older.

  • The check ought to be done as long because the girl is healthy or will live for an additional 10 years.
  • All girls ought to remember the advantages of carcinoma screening, its size, or potential facet effects. They must additionally grasp what their breasts sometimes appear as if or feel, and tell your attention supplier straight off any changes.


Some girls – thanks to their family background, genetic background, or alternative reasons, magazine ought to be performed together with imaging. (The variety of girls during this class (category )is very low) talk over with your attention supplier regarding the risks of carcinoma (breast cancer)and therefore the best screening program.

Rectal and anal cancer and polyp

Screening for polyp and cancer

  • Sigmoidoscopy *, or every five years betting on the condition
  • endoscopy every ten years, or
  • every five years biriyam self *, or
  • CT colonography every five years * (real colonoscopy)

Cancer screening

  • Goyk (annual) secret biopsy(blood check )(GOFBT) **, or
  • Annual chemistry (Immunochemical) Shoach check (FIT) **, or
  • Mal polymer/DNA (SDNA) teats every three years *

If the check is evident, an endoscopy/ colonoscopy ought to be performed. Frequent waste product teats ought to be used. workplace testing isn’t enough. If the check shows an endoscopy/colonoscopy ought to be performed. Your initial alternative ought to be a check that may quickly sight cancer or polyps, i.e. Available, you are able to have it. Talk over with your health care supplier to search out out what tests are also best for you.

Depending on your family background or alternative facts, if you‘re at high risk for body part cancer(rectal cancer), you’ll have to be compelled to strive for an amount set up. Get your abducted health care supplier from your family to search out out which check is best for you.

How can women avoid cancer Breast cancer

Cervical cancer

  • ladies below the age of twenty one shouldn’t be tested.
  • ladies between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-nine ought to be tested for Patel every three years.
  • Umar girls between the ages of thirty and {65|sixty 5} ought to be tested for Pap and HPV (Name: Co-testing) every five years. This route ought to be most well-liked, however, it’ll even be fine if a pap-test is conducted every 3 years.
  • ladies WHO are diagnosed with a significant kind of cervical cancer on their face ought to test for future 20 years whether or not they are diagnosed with the illness{ disease}, albeit they‘re over sixty-five years recent.
  • ladies WHO have had cervical and cervical cancer (necrosis), WHO haven’t any relevancy to cervical cancer and WHO area unit in danger of developing cervical cancer, and WHO shouldn’t be screened.

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Some girls – their family background, (HIV infection, organ transplants, DES exposure, etc.) can have to be compelled to endure the spread of cervical cancer screening. You would like to speak to your health care supplier regarding your family background.

Endometrial cancer

Some girls – owing to their family background – ought to contemplate having associate annual intrauterine diagnostic assay. Please tell your background regarding your health care supplier.

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